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Conference tracks

  1. Culture and mega events in contemporary cities

Cultural and festive dynamics are strongly related to great physical, social, cultural and economic transformations in cities worldwide, often involving the (re)production of both established and new urban inequalities. This conference track aims to debate this broad issue but also the more specific phenomena of cultural and sports mega events and the way they contribute to re-shape cities and their public spaces by challenging urban coexistence.

  1. Networks and sociabilities

Sociability has progressively been a concept of intense debate within the scope of social sciences in general, and sociology in particular. In this track we are interested in discussing the role of urban sociability on the construction of social networks and the configuration of circuits especially in the context of social, political, cultural and artistic movements. We welcome papers focusing on both online and offline social networks, as well as interdisciplinary research about sociability in contemporary society.

  1. Public and private tensions in urban places, lives and meanings

Public and private uses of urban space are key aspects in the tense and conflictual processes of creating and remaking places. This track is concerned with topics like (1) power, urban form and experience, namely in the relation between urban management / administration practices and everyday uses of spaces (e.g. shopping malls, gated communities, slums, plazas, streets and urban voids); (2) (in)visibility and (un)awareness of both private troubles and public issues (e.g. in labor, housing, mobility and leisure) and their impact on place making and everyday life of urban populations; (3) conditions of coexistence of urban groups and individuals (e.g. visitors and residents, neighbors and strangers, tourists and workers, commuters and trapped populations) and its effects on urban spaces, lives and meanings.

  1. Territories of exclusion and (in)security

Security and the feeling of insecurity has always been central to the urban social fabric. Portrayal of the city as an insecure place has been a very powerful one, triggering the constitution and reconstitution of institutions, strategies, tactics, technologies and techniques undertaken by multiple actors from state and local associations to individual schemes of public and private safety. In this track we aim to address these issues and discuss how they are intrinsic elements in the production and reproduction of urban territories and urban social groups.


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